Walk with a Purpose.

July 1, 2019
/ By
Fountain of Peace

A huge shout out of thanks to St Marks School in Christchurch for raising $1,896.50 towards our school feeding programme in Uganda. This is an amazing effort.

The children who attend our FOP school in Uganda have no other option than to walk up to 10kms to school; often on an empty tummy. Thankfully we are able to provide all the children at school a daily porridge meal.

It was with this in mind that on Friday 28th June a large number of pupils, parents, grandparents and teachers from St. Marks School chose to walk to school to raise funds towards this feeding programme.
It was a 5.45am start, on a very frosty Christchurch morning, for those pupils who started at the 10km mark.

Thank you to all who took part in the walk or supported those who did – we appreciate you.

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