Phase One: COVID-19 community outreach

September 17, 2020
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Fountain of Peace

In Uganda, whilst numbers of reported cases are comparatively low in relation to the total population number of the country, the measures taken to stop the spread of the virus have/are taking a huge toll on the livelihood of the population, and in particular those who were already living in poverty.

With schools being in lock-down, we have not been able to continue our school feeding programme as it would break the government’s COVID-19 restrictions of people gathering together.

There are some families in the community who do have enough food, but there are many other families struggling, especially those families associated to our school who lean on that cup of hot porridge provided each school day for their child(ren) to survive.

While it is impossible for FOP to help the whole community, it was decided that a food and sanitation pack be given out to the most vulnerable; i.e. families associated with our school.

This joint FOP UK and NZ financed operation provided 400 recipients with enough food for one month made up of 20kgs corn meal and 10kgs beans, along with soap for sanitation.

We are so grateful for the support we received towards this community outreach; it not only offered hope, it has saved lives – thank you!

Photo: A mother and son homeward bound with their food and sanitation pack.

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