Today is our birthday and we are officially ten years old...

September 6, 2022
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Fountain of Peace

Today is our birthday and we are officially ten years old! It was on this date in 2012 that we were registered as a Charitable Trust. 

What an incredible journey it has been and we could not have done it without our faithful supporters and encouragers, to whom we are most grateful.

Often children, and some adults, will excitedly make it known what they would like to receive for their birthday. Here at Fountain of Peace New Zealand, we are no exception, especially since it is such a milestone to celebrate ten years of transforming lives and giving hope.

If you were able to donate ten dollars (or any multiplication of ten) as a birthday gift to us it would make a vast difference as we continue to create family-based homes, within a village community, for orphaned and abandoned children in Uganda, as well as work to provide clean water, education, healthcare and sustainable projects for the whole community.

To celebrate our birthday with such a donation, please click the donate button on this page or bank directly into our Fountain of Peace New Zealand Bank account 02 0924 0107983-00 and use the reference 'Birthday'.

All donations of NZ$5.00 or more to Fountain of Peace New Zealand are eligible for a tax credit.











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