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About Fountain Of Peace Children’s Foundation


“You find families for those who are lonely’ Psalm 68. 6a (CEV)

Peace Ruharuza

Fountain of Peace Children’s Foundation is a child focused, community based project initiated by Peace Ruharuza as a consequence of her childhood. Peace was born into a large family of 14 children and into abject poverty in Uganda. By just five years of age she was scavenging for food; so hungry that sometimes she survived on flower petals.

Sadly, Peace’s story is true for many children in Uganda today. No child should experience or endure what she did.

Whilst Peace is no longer a suffering child she does share with them an understanding of the world of neglect, abuse and hunger.

Her desire, through Fountain of Peace, is to do everything she can to give a child the chance she was given – a home, to be loved and part of a community.

Our first three family homes.



The vision of Fountain of Peace Children’s Foundation is to provide centres of hope and transformation for orphaned and abandoned children. We aim to achieve this vision through the construction of bungalows, family based homes within a village community; each bungalow will have a house mother to care for the children.



The local community will be impacted by services including clean water programmes, the construction of education facilities, health care facilities and the provision of appropriate medical intervention.

As a Christian Charity, Fountain of Peace Children’s Foundation is motivated by the life, teaching and values of Jesus Christ and is committed to making tangible the love of God by seeking to make a difference, now and in the future, generating hope and transformation to all those who would benefit regardless of race, religion, class, gender or age.

The initial focus of the work of Fountain of Peace is towards children in rural Uganda.

Fountain of Peace was established in New Zealand in 2012 and is a Charitable Trust registered with the NZ Charities Commission (CC#48465)


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