Enable Fountain of Peace to become self-sustainable.

July 6, 2022
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Fountain of Peace

At Fountain of Peace we have a dream to become as self-sustainable as possible - and this is becoming more important than ever as the price of goods escalate in Uganda.

We are so grateful that Fountain of Peace in Uganda now has 60 acres of designated farmland which provides us with a lot of ground for planting crops. Grateful too, for the donation of a tractor, associated tractor implements, a silage machine and  a threshing machine for mechanized farming- all greatly increasing farm worker productivity.

Recently two acres of pineapple plants were planted - that is a lot of pineapples - and we are grateful to those who donated towards these plants.

Preparations are now underway for the next planting season (normally beginning August/September) with the hope of planting 22.5 acres in beans, maize, matooke, sweet potatoes, yams and tomatoes.

We would welcome any financial support towards these seeds and plants - as well as for further development of the farm including additional seeds, plants, fruit trees, livestock and other associated costs. To support us in our self-sustainable dream please click on the donate button on this site and be sure to use the word ‘farm’ as a reference. Thank you in advance.

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