November 22, 2023
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Fountain of Peace

In August 2023 the launch of a combined District Health / Fountain of Peace Children's Foundation project titled Mothers Matter in Childbirth (MMC) took place.

The aim of this project is about 'educating, monitoring and assisting in the provision of ante and perinatal care in vulnerable expectant mothers during childbirth, seeking to eradicate avoidable deaths wherever possible.'

This is a topic especially relevant to Fountain of Peace as at least 50% of the children we take into our care are because of their mothers dying in childbirth (or soon after). 

The project will focus on the more 'far-flung' villages in one sub-county in the Kyenjojo District of Western Uganda: the reason being that the furthest and most remote villages present the greatest difficulty in labouring mothers reaching a health centre or hospital. 
This is also an area where the majority of the babies that came into our care because of the death of their mother in childbirth (or soon after) have come from. 

The specific areas of collaboration between Fountain of Peace and the District will be

·    targeted training of volunteer health teams

·    creating community awareness through mass media communication, and community dialogue meetings on birth planning and self-care.

·    access to safe and timely transportation of expectant mothers (to a health centre or a hospital)

·    and of course, monitoring and evaluation of project implementation.

While this project does not include active intervention in the process of childbirth, it will seek to educate and support expectant mothers to reach health facilities in a timely and safe manner. 

Further Information AND How you Can Help .... 

When women give birth in Uganda, they must bring all their own supplies to the health centre or hospital.
Just imagine being in labour and finally getting to the local hospital for delivery only to be turned away because you don’t have sterile gloves for the doctor. This has happened on more than one occasion, that Fountain of Peace is aware of, and the mum has tragically passed away.
So, one aspect of this Mothers Matter in Childbirth project is to provide Mama Kits to highly vulnerable, pregnant mums. These simple kits will make a huge difference towards a safe delivery.
The kits consist of basic supplies such as 2 plastic sheets (delivery mats), 2 pairs of surgical gloves, cord for tying, surgical blade, cotton wool, gauze, soap, a health card, a wrap for the baby, a diaper plus a baby overall (stretch-n-grow). All for NZ$20.00
We anticipate the need of up to 60 of these kits per month.  

For those vulnerable, expectant mothers living in remote areas, the delivery of their baby at a health centre is not always an option due to the cost of the transport, or even access to transport. Often the only option left for these at-risk mothers is a home delivery and sadly that situation can result in their death during childbirth.

Therefore, another aspect of this Mothers Matter in Childbirth project is to provide transport to government-owned heath centres, by pre-approved/registered boda boda  (motorcycle taxi) drivers. Transport home after delivery will be covered too.

Village Health Team members (volunteer midwifery advisors) will identify these vulnerable, expectant mothers and educate them of the transport system.

A flat rate of NZ$18.00 will provide an in-labour mother the opportunity to reach a health centre for the birth, and the ride home again (with baby).

To support either of these aspects of this Mothers Matter in Childbirth programme, please visit our donate page on this site and use the reference 'MMC'.

All donations of NZ$5.00 or more to Fountain of Peace New Zealand are eligible for a tax credit.

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