Transforming Lives,
Giving Hope


We are all about making a difference now and in the future, generating hope and transformation:  especially in the lives of the most vulnerable; children who have been orphaned and abandoned. We are also working to provide clean water, education, healthcare and sustainable projects for the whole community.

Our work is based in the Kyenjojo District of Western Uganda. It is a beautiful region but marred by extreme poverty. Unemployment, maternal mortality and malnutrition are all too common, causing thousands of children to be left orphaned or abandoned.


Give a baby hope

Your donation or regular support will go towards the running of our Babies Home for orphaned or abandoned babies.

Give a baby medical care

Your donation or regular support will enable us to provide appropriate medical intervention for the babies in  our care.

Give a child a home

Your donation or regular support will go towards the building and furnishing of a family based home for a Mum and up to eight children.

Give a child a chance

Your donation or regular support will enable children to live in a family based home AND receive an education.

Give a child an education

Your donation or regular support will go towards costs associated with providing an education for children at our school e.g. new buildings, school furniture, books or a teacher’s salary.

Give a child clean water

Your donation or regular support will go towards our clean water projects.

Give a child a meal

Your donation or regular support will go towards our feeding programme. $36 will provide a porridge meal, each school day, for one child for a year.


— Bethel Babies Home

Our Bethel Babies Home is the only registered babies home in the Kyenjojo District – a district with a population of over 500,000. The home has the capacity to care for 40 babies. Orphaned and abandoned babies come to us via referrals by police, hospital and social workers, and we at Fountain of Peace are about rescuing the most vulnerable.

All our children have tragic backgrounds with no other family options, but once in our care their lives are celebrated. Our house mothers and nannies attend to the everyday needs of the children, with lots of love and cuddles, enabling them to thrive.

— Family Home

When a child is at the toddler stage they move from our Bethel Babies Home along with seven new brothers and sisters and their house mother, to a Family Home, a ‘forever home’,

The mother has help from a nanny with cooking, cleaning, washing etc. (No clothes washing machines here).

At present we have five completed homes, two of which have been generously funded by Kiwis: Kiwi House and Arohanui House.

We are committed to caring for the children until they reach adulthood and are self-sufficient.

— Clean Water Programmes

Water is life! In our Children’s Village (which includes our Bethel Babies Home, Family Homes and School) underwater storage tanks have been constructed, or are to be constructed, to collect run off rain water from the buildings to enable ample water in the dryer seasons.

Within the village community itself, clean water is an issue for many. Therefore as part of our community development engagement, and in partnership with the locals, we are working to provide safe and accessible drinking water.  Already, this has resulted in a decrease in the number of residents contracting water borne diseases.

— Education

There was no school in the village when FOP NZ came on board in 2012 but it was something the local community desperately aspired to have. So with the community contributing timber and labour, and with a limited budget, the first three classrooms of Rwenjaza Hillside School were built.

During 2013 more classrooms were added, with help from visiting teams from NZ.

Fast forward and we still have the original classrooms, as well as a new brick nursery school block, and phase one of a primary school block under construction, AND almost 500 children on the school roll.

— Feeding Programme

We know children learn better with full tummies. Our feeding programme came about as a result of so many children attending our school without eating anything from their home– for many of these children their only meal would have been in the evening. Added to that, is the knowledge that many of our children walk long distances to get to school, often up to 10km.

For $36 we can supply a porridge meal each day at school for one child for one year.

— Healthcare

Medical care is a given for all the children in our Babies Home and Family Homes; surgical care too if required. A nurse visits the children regularly to assess their health, wellbeing and growth, and to provide any care required. For our sick children who need to be in isolation, a purpose built sick bay has recently been constructed next to the Babies Home.

But for those in the wider community our dream is to construct a medical centre, where those with malaria and other non-hospital stay conditions could be closely monitored, and where visiting Doctors and other health care professional could run clinics.

— Sustainable Projects

In the past two years we have embarked on a number of commercial enterprises; enterprises that will enable an income for FOP to help us in our dream to become self- sustainable. Enterprises that are providing much needed employment for village or neighbouring village people, as well as help in the feeding of our children at our Babies Home and Family Homes.

These enterprises, among other things, include a brick making machine, 40 acres of farmland, fruit trees and a small dairy herd.

support us and change the course of a child’s life today!

Donations of NZ$5 or more are eligible for a tax credit.