Reminiscing, giving thanks and looking to the future!

Jane Laurie, our Executive Director, and Peace Ruharuza, founder of Fountain of Peace Children’s Foundation (FOP) stood on the hillside overlooking the FOP Children’s Village in rural Western Uganda recently; both thankful, and in awe, of what can happen when you say ‘yes’ to a God given dream.

It was in 2005 that Peace shared her dream of FOP with Jane; a dream that Jane instinctively knew she would be connected to, yet having no idea how.

Fast forward to 2012; Jane resigned from her role at Tearfund NZ (a job she loved) and began the first steps in establishing the NZ ministry of Fountain of Peace Children’s Foundation. It came with a bizarre mix of excitement for what could be and a slight apprehension of the unknown. 

 What a journey thus far, but friends it is only the beginning.

Thank you to all who support this organisation as together we are making a difference, now and for the future, generating hope and transformation.

 ‘You are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream’ – C S Lewis


We have a new baby!

Mid-April we received a precious little three week old girl.

Despite her tragic start to life we declare: Little girl, you are loved, you are wanted and your life matters. We look forward to all of the positive possibilities in your future.

We would appreciate your prayers for her and for those working on her behalf.

Another baby!

We have a new baby boy. He is three months old and was recently rescued from sad and tragic circumstances; enough to say he was found to be severally malnourished, weighing only 3kgs.
Already we can see hope in his wee eyes!

Little one, you are loved, you are wanted and your life matters!

Looking ahead we have need for another family home.

Our three Family Homes are now all operational.
Left to Right: Conlon House, Kiwi House and Spark House


We have three beautiful Family Homes in our Children’s Village, but looking ahead we have need for another one or two more.

With seven more children due to transfer from our Babies Home mid-2018 to a family home, the FOP NZ Board of Trustees have agreed that funding towards another family home would be the priority for their next capital funding project.

Family homes are just that – family homes. Places of belonging, love, encouragement, protection and where dreams for the future are nurtured.

The  cost to build a brick three bedroom family home is approx. NZ$75,000 at today’s exchange rate.

Would you, your club, your church or even your business consider partnering with us in this project? Any sized donation would be acceptable and appreciated.

To make a secure credit card donation or a secure ‘account to account’ transfer please click on the donate button on this website. For a reference please use the code: GACAH (Give a child a home).





Christmas Greetings

To all who support our work in some way may the gifts of love, peace and happiness all be yours this Christmas.

We so appreciate your financial support, your encouragement and your prayers as we continue to ‘rescue critically vulnerable children, protect and ensure they enjoy their rights and freedoms, transform them, restore their hope and create an environment where each of them gets an equal opportunity of living his or her potentials to the full’