Thank You Skellerup Red Band.

A big shout out to Skellerup Red Band for their support. Earlier in the year we received 35 pair of their iconic Red Band gumboots for our children in Uganda; ideal to keep little feet dry in the rainy seasons.
Last month the Red Bands were delivered to our Children’s Village by a team from NZ.
Thank you Skellerup Red Band for making a difference in the lives of these little people 🙂

March Madness Month: You did it!!!

March Madness Month Update:
Our target to complete the construction of Arohanui House was $18,000, and we are excited to report that as at today’s date $20,934 has been raised. That result is phenomenal and we are extremely grateful to all who donated, or raised funds through events, ‘crazy’ sponsorships etc. Thanks also goes to the wider audience who supported those events or those raising funds.

We could not have gotten this far so quickly without your March Madness support. That said we remember at this time, and are very thankful for, all who supported this project long before March Madness Month. It has been a huge project but with equally huge support – thank you FOP NZ supporters. God bless you!

Not only can the construction be completed but the additional funds raised, added to what had already been donated towards the furnishing for the home, means that very soon eight toddlers and their new mum will move into their fully furnished, forever home.

NB: Any additional pledges as part of March Madness Month will go towards the care of the residents in Arohanui House for food, hygiene supplies, medical care etc. as well as for the educational needs of those children.



World Water Day.

Today is WORLD WATER DAY and we recognise the need for clean water for our FOP children as well as for those in the wider village community.

Aside from an underground water storage tank presently under construction for our Babies Home (see photo) our next travelling team to Uganda will be involved in making much needed repairs to a spring well. This well, for many in the community, is their only source of water and presently the conditions around it are certainly not conducive to good health; our aim is to change that.


‘For many of us, clean water is so plentiful and readily available that we rarely, if ever, pause to consider what life would be like without it’ – Marcus Samuelsson


March Madness Month

On Sunday (24th February) a New Zealand church, the Invercargill Christian Centre, put out a challenge for 36 people to each donate or raise $500 over the month of March to enable us to complete the construction of our second Kiwi funded family home in Uganda – Arohanui House.

We are extending their challenge … if you, your business, church or club would like to take part and be one of the 36 we would love to have you sign up.

We have already heard of some crazy fundraising ideas and we will update you on some of these as the month of March progresses.

NB: Any funds raised over and above the amount required to complete the construction of Arohanui House will go towards furnishing it, or towards the care of the eight little toddlers and their new mum who will call this place home.