Give A Child A Meal

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As a result of so many children attending our FOP school without eating anything from their home we have started serving them porridge for lunch. Besides filling tummies this has resulted in reduced absenteeism and has encouraged more parents to send their children to school.

The cost for this feeding programme is NZ$600 per month.

Donations, or regular support, would be greatly appreciated to help us continue this much needed programme for up to 200 children.

(Please use FP as the payment reference).



Africa Song for Fountain of Peace


Together united as links in a chain, we can bring them fresh hope, make them smile again

Together united as links in a chain, we can bring them fresh hope, make them smile again

We at Fountain of Peace hope you are as inspired as we are by this song that our friend, Tania Sharr, wrote after spending time in Zambia and Uganda. Tania said “During that trip I was reminded that we all have a role to play, like links in a chain. If one of the links is missing then none of the others can do their job. We are all as important as the other. Together we can bring fresh hope and make them smile again.”


Lyrics by Tania Sharr. Music and vocals by Jay Weston.  Fountain of Peace has permission to use this song – thanks so much Tania and Jay.





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Stumped The Hump

Congratulations to Debra and Leah. They ‘Stumped the Hump’ – walking the 62km Hump Ridge track in 16hours 15mins and in the process, exceeding their goal of raising $1000 for Fountain of Peace.

Well done girls and thank you!!


Before the event pointing that ‘somewhere’ on that map is the Hump Ridge


They did it and have the T-shirt to prove it!

FOP NZ Board Member to ‘Stump the Hump”

Please support FOP NZ Board member Debra Maheno and her friend Leah McNaughton in their quest to ‘Stump The Hump’ (walking the 62km Hump Ridge Track in just 24 hours beginning midnight 7th Feb) to raise funds for the caring of orphaned and abandoned babies in our Bethel Babies Home in Uganda.
Their goal is to raise $1000.

Visit our How You Can Help Page to make a donation and please use STH as a reference for this fundraising venture.

Debra in training for Stump The Hump!

Debra in training for Stump The Hump!