Friends of FOP


Fountain of Peace NZ is grateful to the following businesses for their support and contributions to our efforts.


Latitude Homes Lower South Island is pleased to support the work of Fountain of Peace NZ in establishing family based homes for orphaned and abandoned children in rural Uganda.


The Auction House Café and Bar in Invercargill is pleased to support the work of Fountain of Peace NZ. ‘It is amazing what you are doing for the children’.


We are delighted that we can help Southlanders who personally have a heart and the will for making such a big difference in the lives of the poor in Uganda. Come visit our gallery and place a Koha into our Fountain of Peace box.


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We are privileged to be able to play a small part in supporting this ministry that honours God’s command to “look after orphans” so effectively. It is evident that each child is cherished and the wider community is touched through Fountain of Peace.


Solar Buddy NZ is very pleased to be helping Fountain Of Peace with their wonderful work. Our solar lights will be a great gift to children who need them after dark  –  Kate Rowland, Solar Buddy NZ




We’re delighted to be able to support an organisation making such a positive difference for children of Uganda.


NZ Trellis Supplies is very pleased to have the opportunity to partner with Fountain of Peace, and play a small role in helping make a difference in the lives of those children in rural Uganda who have been abandoned, destitute, impoverished, disadvantaged or marginalized by reason of their economic or geographical circumstances.


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Country Manor Catering



With a percentage of every painting sold, artist Harriet Millar is pleased to support the work of Fountain of Peace Children’s Foundation  NZ.