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Our Birthday Celebration – a VIP Toilet Block!

VIP Toilet Block

It was our 7th birthday on the 6th September 2019 and in celebration it was our desire is raise NZ$7,070 to enable a VIP toilet block to be constructed at Rwenjaza Hillside School. Presently a three classroom block, thanks to FOP UK, is under construction but with additional classrooms comes the need for additional toilets.

We have great delight in announcing that this ‘very important’ need has been fully funded. Thank you to those who contributed – we so appreciate your support.

A VIP toilet is not just a toilet for Very Important People (despite all our school children being very important). It is a Ventilated Improved Pit toilet and this brick building will be made up of:

  • 10 toilets for pupils: (five for girls and five for boys).
  • Four toilets for teachers: (Two for ladies and Two for gents).
  • Male pupils will have an exterior urinal area on their side.
  • Female pupils will have an internal bathing/shower room fitted with a shower head and tub.
  • Both user areas will be fitted with hand wash basins.
  • There will also be a sanitation storage room.


‘Walk for a Purpose’

A huge shout out of thanks to St Marks School in Christchurch for raising $1,896.50 towards our school feeding programme in Uganda. This is an amazing effort.

The children who attend our FOP school in Uganda have no other option than to walk up to 10kms to school; often on an empty tummy. Thankfully we are able to provide all the children at school a daily porridge meal.

It was with this in mind that on Friday 28th June a large number of pupils, parents, grandparents and teachers from St. Marks School chose to walk to school to raise funds towards this feeding programme.
It was a 5.45am start, on a very frosty Christchurch morning, for those pupils who started at the 10km mark.

Thank you to all who took part in the walk or supported those who did – we appreciate you.

There is still the opportunity to support this fundraising effort. Click here to make a secure credit card payment and for a reference use ‘St. Marks’.

Photos: Just some of those who participated in the ‘Walk for a Purpose.’

A Job “Well” Done!

Our recent FOP NZ team to Uganda, working alongside a local engineer and volunteers from the community, helped repair a spring well that serves over 300 people.
It is envisaged that these repairs will stop a lot of people, especially children, from contracting water borne diseases.

From this …


To this …

FINISHED! (Although the back wall was still to be rendered)


‘Water is life and clean water is health’ – Audrey Hepburn

Arohanui House Update

Whilst Arohanui House is still some weeks away from completition our FOP NZ team that was in Uganda last month took part in it’s official opening.
The team was honoured to represent all who have contributed to this Kiwi funded ‘forever home’ for eight of our toddlers and their new mum.

From all at Fountain of Peace Children’s Foundation we extend our thanks for this house, this house of love!


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