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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Looking ahead we have need for another family home.

Our three Family Homes are now all operational.
Left to Right: Conlon House, Kiwi House and Spark House


We have three beautiful Family Homes in our Children’s Village, but looking ahead we have need for another one or two more.

With seven more children due to transfer from our Babies Home mid-2018 to a family home, the FOP NZ Board of Trustees have agreed that funding towards another family home would be the priority for their next capital funding project.

Family homes are just that – family homes. Places of belonging, love, encouragement, protection and where dreams for the future are nurtured.

The  cost to build a brick three bedroom family home is approx. NZ$75,000 at today’s exchange rate.

Would you, your club, your church or even your business consider partnering with us in this project? Any sized donation would be acceptable and appreciated.

To make a secure credit card donation or a secure ‘account to account’ transfer please click on the donate button on this website. For a reference please use the code: GACAH (Give a child a home).