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Monthly Archives: September 2015

… and now we have TWENTY babies!

NEWS JUST IN!!! 7 day old twin girls have been rescued into our care – they are ‘healthy and difficult to differentiate’.

That is now TWENTY babies rescued, loved, safe and with a bright future ahead.

Would YOU partner with us as we rescue vulnerable orphaned or abandoned babies in rural Western Uganda and provide homes for them. (Yes, homes…not orphanages)

Besides creating family based homes we at FOP work to provide clean water, schools and health care for the whole community. An organisation worth supporting!

Do visit our ‘How You Can Help’ page for details of how you can support this life changing work.


… and two more make eighteen!

During the month of August our family increased to 18 babies…18 precious little lives now safe in a loving environment.

Maybe one of these babies will be the future president of Uganda!


Photos of our latest arrivals ( a girl and a boy)… cute aren’t they?

IMG_0318       Joshua