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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Crumbs From My Table

Something to ponder:  Crumbs From Your Table by FOP Supporter Sarah Auld  

A lyric from a U2 song has been bouncing around my head a lot lately and it has a deeply challenging element to it. The lyric is written as if spoken by someone from a third world country and says “I would eat if I was able, but I’m waiting for the crumbs from your table”.  

The thought that people are waiting for just the dregs we have left over because even that small amount could make such a difference to their lives is an uncomfortably powerful idea.

There are, of course, many reasons why there are poor nations and lack of aid is not the only factor, but the simplicity of the plea in that lyric, that all they ask for is our crumbs, makes me very aware of my lack of generosity, lack of concern and lack of empathy for what so many are going through. It has made me realize that in relation to so many, we in the western world are wealthy. There is no doubt that there are graduations of wealth, but in relation to so many, to never have to fear where the next meal is coming from, whether we will receive any healthcare or whether our water is safe or deadly, to never have those burdens is to be living in wealth. Something we can be grateful for. Something we can share with those who are not.